A fluid and evolving practice which challanges and nurtures

10 years after beginning a fairly regular yoga practice I decided to train as a teacher. My initial training, in 2008, was immersed in an ashram on one of my visits to India. I have been teaching full time ever since. Over the years I have found many incredible teachers, traditional and non-traditional, to continue my practice with. 

I now assist on immersions and teacher training's and lead classes, workshops and retreats in London and further afield.

Expect playful, challenging and innovative classes with intelligent alignment, creativity and exploration. Classes are infused with warmth, encouragement and a deep understanding of the postures, practices and philosophy of Yoga. 

I am interested in the way we relate to ourselves through yoga, how we can have this practice in which to be curious, inquisitive and aware of our experience. How we can become interested in what sits under our skin, under our usual movements, under our day to day patterning. How beneath the uniqueness of each of us there is some sort of universality to, in moments, be experienced and nourished by.

I am also currently studying as a Somatic Movement Educator, one course of Body-Mind Centring, with Embody Move here in the UK.