A fluid and evolving practice which challanges and nurtures

I discovered yoga back in the late 90's, I was living in rural Devon taking a degree in performance and theatre practice. At first it was part of a movement training but I soon realised that it lent a lightness to my responses and some space to my mind and I quickly developed a self practice. From a book. With soft focus images of ladies in leotards standing on their heads.

A few years later I went to India, and then I went again, and again and again over the next 12 years or so. I travelled and lived and worked and of course practised lots of yoga during that time. Finally 10 years after my first class I decided to train as a yoga teacher. I'm still so happy about this.

Expect playful intelligent classes with attentive alignment, creativity and exploration. I sometimes incorporate elements of Feldenkrais method, dance, somatic enquiry and storytelling. Classes are infused with warmth, encouragement and a deep understanding of the postures, practices and philosophy of Yoga.

My influences over the last 2 decades of practice include the profoundly wise Scaravelli Inspired approach, traditional Hatha, Iyenger and Vinyasa Krama. My many teachers include primarily John Stirk, Catherine Annis, Claudia Dossena, Stewart Gilchrist (all here in the city we love), Usha Devi (Rishikesh, India), Prahladha Reddy (Pranayama with Sivananda Canada/India), Donnah Fahri, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Lolly Stirk.

I am delighted to have discovered a subject so vast and engaging that I can't ever seem to get bored of it. I have been teaching since 2008 and teaching yoga for pregnancy and post-natal recovery since 2011 and look forward to sharing a practice with you.