1:1 tuition is the traditional way to teach yoga. I can help you to begin yoga, revive your passion or take you into a deeper yoga practice.

Corporate yoga classes can be delivered during lunch breaks and after work hours, these provide a professional, safe and approachable practice that everyone can benefit from.

Pregnancy yoga classes and 1:1 tutorial are available. Yoga is recommended by doctors and midwives as the ideal exercise for pregnant women. I teach a gentle and enjoyable safe practice which allows you time to adjust physically, mentally and emotionally to the changes in your body and to help you connect with your unborn baby.

Post-natal Yoga classes and 1:1 tutorial are available. Yoga can help rebuild core and strengthen the body, relieve the strain and tiredness of being a new mum and give precious 'me' time.

Yoga for adults affected by autism; since 2008 I have worked through Marcus and Marcus and care providers in North London to make yoga acessable to adults affected by autism. I am available for specialised classes and individual work. 

Yoga for children is helping primary and junior school children across London relax and enjoy movement, postures and reflection. I have been teaching in schools since 2009.