I found Frankie after a car accident in search of a gentle way of mobilizing my body again. Although I was not seriously injured I had lost confidence in moving and stretching. Through 1:1 classes Frankie guided me through some very daring postures and taught me to trust and listen to my body and what it needed. 

These sessions have enabled me to attend classes and feel sure I can try things without further injury which is what I wanted. However I have got so  much more from Frankie's teachings. I've found a way of weaving peace into a very full and busy life and I feel sure yoga will be a part of my life forever now. 

I'd recommend lessons from Frankie to everyone. She's knowledgeable, genuine, experienced and delivers the theory with enough tongue and cheek to allow me to indulge in it all without fear of seeming pretentious. she doesn't care if you're not dressed in the right gear or don't know what a yoga strap is. She is the original 'pop up' yoga teacher and I'm extremely pleased I found her. 

Nadia Paczuska - Head Teacher

Frankie is a teacher of vast integrity and understanding. She lives the practice and so brings not only a deep practical knowledge but the ability to translate that knowledge into a map, a pathway for me to practice with. I find myself able to follow the vision and philosophy of yoga and emerge, always, empowered, deepened and opened when I practice with her.

Eleanor Buchan - Storyteller, Performer & Teacher

Frankie is a lovely teacher - highly experienced and knowledgeable, generous and down to earth. Her classes are relaxing, challenging and restorative and have made such a huge difference to how I feel in body and mind. 

Melissa Herman - Hackney

Thank you to Frankie for dream-like Scaravelli-inspired yoga workshop last night. My experience was poetic. We made fantastical physical forms, like sea creatures, shadows on the wall, were treated to story telling and rich visualisation. I entered another realm for an evening.

Charlorotte Preston - Yoga Teacher

Frankie is a brilliant combination of kindness, rigour, challenge and patience. She understands that everybody is a different person and every day is a different day so no session is every going to be the same for you. Her approach is holistic and detailed and I admire the way she constantly challenges her own practice and brings new discoveries to each session.

Jennifer Tan - Actress

Frankie is calm and precise when she guide us through the world of yoga. What's special about her classes is that suits perfectly people on a performing arts career as it gives tools that you can incorporate in your everyday practice as a performer. As a Butoh dancer myself and after one year of attending Frankie's classes I have discovered a wide range of my body's potentials across space and time

Eliza Soroga - Performance Artist 

I've been going to Frankie's classes for the past five years and cannot recommend her teaching highly enough. Frankie has a calm and focused approach - combined with her warmth as a person and knowledge of yoga and the body, this creates an incredibly peaceful, personal and inspiring practice. A very talented instructor.' 

Kathryn Partridge